SuperMoms is a brand-sponsored original webseries created for Clorox to entertain and connect mothers with the Clorox Bleach, Clorox Clean-Up, Glad Bags, and Fresh Step Cat Litter brands. The series encompassed: product placement and brand integration, production of episodes and bonus content, Facebook hub development and moderation, and content distribution.

Marketing Objectives

  • Entertaining, funny and heartfelt episodes that engage moms 22-55
  • Broadcast-quality content
  • Unique blend of live-action and animation
  • Strong emotional performances by established Hollywood actors


Each episode features both a live-action domestic storyline and an animated superhero adventure as the moms bounce between their real and cartoon identities. The stories revolve around the humorous and heartfelt lives of four neighbors who share the common bond of motherhood and the uncommon responsibility of being animated superheroes. Along the way, they grow closer, share life lessons and solve minor domestic disasters with Clorox products.


To ensure a broadcast-quality production, we enlisted Jonathan Prince (American Dreams, Cane) as executive producer and Julia Dahl (West Wing) as head writer. A talented roster of actors joined, including Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), Julie Warner (Doc Hollywood, Tommy Boy) and athlete turned reality personality Hank Baskett.


SuperMoms episodes were distributed across the Adconion Video Platform thru the development of customized video banners with the focus of hyper-targeting Moms 22-55. The core of the Supermoms experience was created via a custom Facebook page featuring all episodes, character blogs, and behind-the-scenes footage. This was coupled with an aggressive social media strategy to increase the awareness and virality of the overall campaign.


SuperMoms was praised by mothers and the brand managers and alike for the story quality and production value. Post-campaign data and insights provided a detailed measure of success:

  • 128,561,436 impressions delivered in-banner across our video platform
  • High CTR of 0.41% compared to industry average of 0.07%
  • Total video Views: 1,334,656,
  • Banner Expansion Rate of 7.34% compared to industry standard of 4%
  • Over 18,500 likes generated on Facebook

Creative Executions